Drumming is a fabulous way for students to communicate, express themselves, lessen anxiety and gain confidence by sharing their creativity.

As part of our Arts Program, some classes have the opportunity to particpate in our Drumming Program throughout the year. Students have access to drums at school enabling students to practice or take some time out to express how they are feeling.

We run a program called Holyoake Drumbeat for year 3-6 students. For our younger students K-2 we introduce them to music and songs while playing drums, encouraging self-expression.

Our instructor have been trained in the technique of using drums to promote mindfulness and wellbeing. Students who may not be receptive to talking about their emotions are learning to “talk” through their drumming, allowing them to express themselves without feeling socially isolated.

Our Level Two trained African Drumming Instructor work fulltime in the school as Education Assistant and is a highly skilled educator. Working at the school enables them to use their insight to tailor their programs to the needs of our students.