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Alternative Educational Activities (Play Based)

At Joondalup ESC we value play, sensory and fine motor experiences.

In the fine motor and sensory area of the site, you will find resources and activities sorted into two folders – fine motor – sensory. These activities are adaptable for all students and will show what resources or preperation you may need to do.  


This section contains recipes for simple sensory activities using materials you would find (or make) at home. These include, playdough, puffy paint, taste safe slime and paint.

Fine Motor:

This section contains a range of fine motor activities which are play based, accessible for all age students, and use household items. These include block building, threading, sorting and cutting practice.

Small World Play:

This section contains a range of small world play activities which support children to develop socially, physically and intellectually.  Setups can easily be created using everyday items found around the house.

Scavenger Hunt:

This section contains a few differetn Scavenger Hunt ideas that you could try at home inside the house or outside in the garden.

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