Numeracy Information

At Joondalup Education Support Centre, we work together with families to create Mathematics(numeracy) learning for our students that is engaging and individualised.  Across the school, numeracy is taught through hands on and interactive learning experiences, using concrete manipulatives and resources to create strong foundations for numeracy development.  As a school, we focus on the number strand from the Western Australian Curriculum until students are working beyond a Year 2 level for number concepts.  We incorporate all the other numeracy strands into our everyday teaching and hands on learning approach.
By focusing on the number strand, we can consolidate and create strong foundations for numeracy learning that are the building blocks for other strands on the Curriculum.  Our students engage int he fun and interactive learning experiences where they develop higher order thinking concepts, problem solving skills and integration of technology to develop numeracy knowledge.  Using assessments that track student progress against the curriculum, we can ensure all students are being individually catered for and enjoying learning about numeracy.
Through completing these learning experiences and interactive games and the use of technology, numeracy lessons are always enjoyable and engaging.