Mathematics (Numeracy)

At Joondalup ESC we recognise that Maths learning is sequential, and that you must have a firm grasp and understanding of number to make sure there are no gaps in later years.

In the Maths area of the site, you will find resources and activities sorted by the ability level of your child.

Pre-Foundation: This is for children:

· Working on numbers to up to 10 or with support to 20

· Who are working on touch counting

· Who are ordering and matching numbers to ten

· Who are creating or extending simple patterns

· Working on more/ less/ same

· Being introduced to skip counting in 2s 5s and 10s

· Beginning to subitise (know a number of dots or items without counting)

Foundation: This is for children:

· Working on numbers 15 – 100

· Working on odd and even numbers

· Working on counting forwards and backwards

· Ordering numbers to 100

· Addition and subtraction

· Recognising Australian coins and notes

· Creating more complex and growing patterns

· Placing items in order using ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd 3rd etc.)

Primary: This is for children:

. Working on numbers in 100’s and 1000’s

. Practising skip counting

. Building fluency in addition and subtraction

. Working on multiplication and division

. Starting out with fractions and decimals

. Counting and ordering Australian coins and notes

. Looking at patterns in numbers

. Worded maths problems

Maths ideas:

This includes a range of hands on and flexible resources, including playdough mats, number cards and other documents.